Junkyard Robot Awards

Every year the teams of the FIRST Robotics Competition can make a junkyard robot along with the bot they build for the challenge taking material from whatever is available to fit a 2x2x5 ft space. This year, the first place team was… (Continue Reading)

Turning The Tide

Every team at the Northern Lights Regional has given it their all to be ranked in the top three spots. They’ve had to face challenges building their robot, and here at the competition. With all that’s happened, the top teams from the Northern Lights Regional have some incredible stories as to how they’ve made it…
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Mascots Build Team Spirit

Walking into the arena where a FIRST Robotics Regional competition is taking place, the first sight that catches the eye is the playing field. Next, the mascots are what catch the attention. Dressing up and showing team spirit is a huge part of participating in FIRST. This is true because there is an award up…
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Ideas To Reality

    Written by Anna Todd & Michelle Eckdahl, members of Team 2512 Daredevils Robotics At the game’s reveal, coined by FIRST Robotics as the robotics season “Kick Off”, students learn of the game their robot will be competing in. Following the reveal, teams spring to action brainstorming designs and hacking together prototypes. Taylor Johnson,…
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Fail, Think, Cheer

Written by Maeve McGuire, member of Team 2220 Blue Twilight It’s a robotics competition filled with our future engineers; technical difficulties are rare. But against all odds, the Northern Lights Regional did indeed have a system crash. Unable to control these powerful robots, the field was shut down for almost an hour at the beginning…
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