Ideas To Reality


Team 5290 Mechanical Howl, from Forest Lake, MN, work on their robot and display pictures from their build season. Taken by Colin Kealey-Swenson


Written by Anna Todd & Michelle Eckdahl, members of Team 2512 Daredevils Robotics

At the game’s reveal, coined by FIRST Robotics as the robotics season “Kick Off”, students learn of the game their robot will be competing in. Following the reveal, teams spring to action brainstorming designs and hacking together prototypes. Taylor Johnson, from Team 4009, Denfeld Nation Automation (DNA) in Duluth, Minnesota, shared her expectations for this season, “We need everyone working and doing their best and working closely as a team.”

For a team to successfully fabricate a functioning machine team, synergy is key. Benjamin Anderson from Team 4181 Quack Attack of Blackduck, Minnesota, explained, “We need to do well like always and try to do better and work at doing better to get our name out into the public.” Not only do teams build robots but also market their teams’ image and ideas. Devan Arntson from rookie Team 5690, Sub Zero Robotics from Esko, Minnesota believes the team “needs to work together and figure out how everything works.”

Three weeks into the six week machine-making, pizza-eating, and sleepless build season Johnson shared that the game, “is harder this year because the competition is more real life than other years where the game was based on a sport.” Despite only being half way through the build season, teams did not report distress in their progress.

Blood, sweat and tears were a price worth paying after watching their robot dance around the field for the first time at competition. Anderson thinks his team is experiencing success this season due to their good work ethic. His hope for the competition is to place in the top half. Anderson shares one of his team’s secrets to success, “We had strong funds and we only purchased things that would boost the robot and that’s how we turned ideas to reality.”

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