Fail, Think, Cheer

Written by Maeve McGuire, member of Team 2220 Blue Twilight

It’s a robotics competition filled with our future engineers; technical difficulties are rare. But against all odds, the Northern Lights Regional did indeed have a system crash. Unable to control these powerful robots, the field was shut down for almost an hour at the beginning of the day, a full 8 rounds’ time.

Thinking on his feet, a referee decided to bring down one representative from each team to compete in a pool noodle throwing contest, a valuable part of this year’s “Recycle Rush” game. This on-the-fly game demonstrated the perfected throwing styles of teams. Difficult to pick a winner, a final play-off was held, declaring the representative from Team 3297 Full Metal Jackets from Perham, Minnesota, the winner. This exciting competition kept the energy alive as teams screamed and chanted to support their representatives.

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