Great Expectations – Rookie Robotics Teams

Members of Team 5653 Night Hawks Hoist their robot onto the practice field, by Sam Kuutti


Written by Anna Todd & Michelle Eckdahl, members from Team 2512 Daredevils Robotics

There are a myriad of new FIRST robotics teams being created all the time, and each year the Double DECCer attracts many from around the state. Chloe Aase is a member on the new FIRST Team 5653 The Nighthawks from Babbitt, MN. She had previously been part of a FIRST LEGO robotics program. Team 5653’s creation was spearheaded by the students, who organized with their teachers.

Devan Arnston is a student from Esko, MN where another rookie team, Team 5690 Sub Zero Robotics, was created recently.

These students described how their teams were formed: Arnston explained  that his team started with the students and a teacher helped and supported them. Aase reflected that in Babbitt, a teacher recruited students to join. One thing these two teams agreed on is that FIRST is an amazing hands-on experience. When the members were asked about previous opportunities with FIRST, students did not have any direct experience with FIRST but enjoy activities relating to math and science. Students joined FIRST for the hands-on work, ability to work with robots, and to be a part of a team.

After the Kickoff, teams gathered to brainstorm possible designs for robots to compete in this year’s game. Teams compared various designs with other robots that had been built. Arnston shared what they did to continue through the season and he explained that their team has been meeting two to three times a week to come up with a robot that will not only run but will win.

Although the six weeks allotted to construct their robot are a definite constraint, the new teams were confident they would create one in time. Their hope for this season as new teams was to make the robot move. Arntson says, “I hope we do pretty well. If we all work together we have some pretty good minds on the  team so I think we will go far.”

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