Week Five: Blue Twilight


It has been a difficult but constructive week for Team 2220, especially the Manipulator subteam. After our robot design was discovered to have a flaw, manipulator was on the scene making immediate changes. Last weekend they constructed the primary lifter and discovered that they were unable to lift how they were supposed to. This caused them to scrap that idea and come up with a new and improved one. This design already has its supports and secondary lifters built, and they hope to finish building the clasping system and installing the motors on the robot. This week is looking promising!



This week programming has been experiencing the software Github, a code sharing software. This has allowed them to look at other forms of code and learn firsthand how that code works. Programming has also started testing and improving the gyro code. This code is essential to the function of the robot, and testing it in various ways multiple times will ensure that we’ve got it right.



After the switch up of robot designs, Drivetrain has been working around the clock to make sure that the design is constructed right. They’ve been working hand-in-hand with Manipulator and CAD in creating and constructing our newest robot design. They’ve been working so hard these past few days that it’s been hard to catch them for a minute. There is a mystery behind the genius of these build subteams.


On and Off Robot Electronics:

On Robot Electronics has also had their hands full with this new robot design. Because of the new shape of the robot, the program boards from the previous design no longer fit the new design. It’s a tedious task, but an important one to rewire the boards to fit. Off Robot Electronics has continued to represent Team 2220 Blue Twilight astoundingly! Continuing to work on our team badges, this week they were able to install the LED lights in a few badges. We’ll be lighting up the arena this year!!

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