Week Three: Blue Twilight

Programming Team:

This past week, Programming has been successful with their test code. However, they had had some troubles understanding and implementing the mecanum wheels before moving on to a more complicated code; proving difficult but not impossible. They have also established a means of teaching their new and more inexperienced coders. Some obstacles along the way are often the perfect teaching method for these new members. Next week, they plan on creating the manipulator code, making sure that it is reliable for use.

Drivetrain, CAD, and Manipulator Teams:

The Drivetrain Team has proven to be very efficient this year. Even though their tasks are more complicated than the previous, they are working efficiently. As before, they are working on the gear boxes. Last week involved taking them apart and reassembling them. This week they are finishing and cleaning them. They have also been getting in some welding practice by assembling end and gear box plates as well as the end plugs. CAD Team has been working with Drivetrain Team in their welding practice and have completed the drivetrain CAD. The Manipulator Team has also been working with the Drivetrain Team in the building process by helping to build the clasp to hold the recycle bins.

On and Off-Robot Electronics Team:

With only 30% of last year’s budget, the On and Off-Electronics Team has been trying to work efficiently while saving room for new innovation. They have been slow overall due to delays in getting parts, but with lots of pre-planning and dedication, they are ready to go when the parts arrive. The new team badges will be stars made out of Plexiglas. They will have surface mounted LEDs and copper tape. They will be thinner, bigger, and even brighter for the team! The Electronics Team has also helped the safety and media team put together a battery spill safety video. Blue Twilight is known for their safety outreach, and this video is just one of the many examples.

Media and Safety Teams:

The Media Team has been collaborating this week with the Safety and Electronics Teams in creating a new video about battery safety. Battery leaks are something that rarely happen, but it is still crucial that everyone knows how to react. Look for this video to be up soon!

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