Week Four: Blue Twilight

Programming Team:

A major task this week for the programmers was to come up with different tactics for the Autonomous Period. This week, they have come up with four different codes that will enable depending on what variables are presented during that specific round. The programmers are creating these different codes to make sure they are able to collaborate with their alliance partner, avoid collisions, and make sure that there are back up methods in place. Preparedness is key here!

On and Off-Robot Electronics Team:

This past week, On and Off-Robot Electronics have made the CAD design for the robot’s electronics board. They even made a light-up hat to show more team spirit! They plan to finish wiring the first electronics board to attach to the robot, and then wire the second board as well.

Drivetrain Team:

As of now, the first version of the drivetrain has been completed. Today they are planning to test “version one” to make sure it is completely reliable. A few people are working on polishing it off while the rest of the team focuses on “version two”. Version two is designed to be lighter, tighter, and make it easier to change wheels. With the great concentration and amount of time they have been putting into their work, they complete confidence in both designs.

CAD Team:

This week they have revised their design multiple times. They have lightened the frame, calculated the weight, and adjusted different parts. With the new perspectives and ideas, the frame seems to be constantly under revision. The CAD Team has also been working alongside the Drivetrain Team in creating another new version of their design.

Manipulator Team:

A major goal this past week was to finish building the collection and lift parts of the robot. After receiving parts back from Skyline, the subteam has been working hard on completing the collection parts first. Thursday night, they wrapped up the final touches and started on the lift apparatus. By the end of tonight’s practice, the Manipulator Team hopes to have assembled the robot with both the collection and lift pieces; on schedule!

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