Week Three: Daredevils

Day 16: Monday, January 19

Today, Build Department continued to work on the lift design and drivetrain. The Programming Department worked on custom controllers and electronics as well as finalizing the placement for the electronics on the robot.

Day 17: Tuesday, January 20

The Build Department is now back at the high school, and all the Departments are working diligently in the computer lab.

The Programming Department worked on the custom controller for driver, and the code for the controllers and coding for the Autonomous Period. The Strategy Department looked into the teams heading to the Northern Lights Regional this coming February, and continued to review the rules of the game.

Team Management is starting to prepare for the Duluth Double DECCer Regionals; organizing lunches, adjusting the team inventory list for packing purposes, etcetera. The Media Department took pictures of team members working, created their Open House invitations for the robot reveal, and laid out video ideas.

Day 18: Wednesday, January 21

Most of the team was at the Archer Racing facility for a special presentation from Lana Roberts, sister of the late Kent Christianson. After a moving and sincere presentation they were honored when they received a very generous and kind donation in memory of Kent.

Junior Henri L. said that the “electronics will be done by next week. The robot is in a state where design is done and we can focus on making it even better.” Senior Nathan Boyd’s goal was to “work on the game piece manipulator, electronics, and Autonomous Mode.” New team member and freshman, Dawson Averill, excitedly exclaimed that “Programming controllers will be done including custom controls, Xbox controllers, and a stick controller”

 Day 19: Thursday, January 22

All Departments continued on the projects they established earlier in the week. Although build will be mostly done at Archer Racing by the end of tonight.

Media planned phone interviews with teams, working on articles for the Duluth News Tribune and posted a team survey with strategy on Chief Delphi.

Day 20: Friday, January 23

The first day back at East HS for the fabrication departments was an exciting one! First, build unloaded and reloaded at Archers, organized made sure everything was where it should be. Then the intake wheels were worked on.

Media worked on new t-shirts, finished the BlueDevil press pass and hung the new donation banner for our glossy paper dumpster at East.

Day 21 and 22, January 24-25

Saturday, Build Team made sure the belts were in proper and working order on the robot. The next day, both the Build and Electronics Departments split up. The Build Department was at the Archer Racing facility while the Electronics Department worked in a Mentor’s garage finalizing wiring placement.

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