Week Two: Blue Twilight

Programming Team:

Since last week, the programmers have finished working on the CAN ID, and have moved on to programming the controls using a test bot. The CAN ID has successfully been communicating through the test bot, and is expected to do the same in this year’s final robot. Now that communication works, the team is programming code for very basic movements. This is proving to be a slow and tedious process, but a very important one.

Drivetrain and CAD Teams:

Like last week, the Drivetrain and CAD Teams are working together. The Drivetrain Team has been doing some simple work disabling old gear boxes. By doing this, they will be able to reassemble new, and more efficient gear boxes. They have also been assembling aluminum plugs for the recreation of these gear boxes. The CAD Team has been working alongside them by trying to find the right size cartridge for the drivetrain.

On and Off-Robot Electronics Teams:

Making progress on the new way to display their logo, the On and Off-Robot Electronics Team has been working hard this week. Off-Robot Electronics has been designing the outside of the new robot, and has taking their time doing so to make sure that they accurately represent the team as a whole. On-Robot Electronics has been working on communication for the robot, and waiting for measurements to finish creating the test boards for the programmers. They have also added their desired lights to the robot; we’ll definitely “light-up” the world now!

Manipulator Team:

Earlier this week, the Manipulator Team sent in their designs to some of their sponsors to begin fabrication. After deciding last week on a design for the robot, the team is eager to start working. In the meantime, they have been coming up with ideas on how to mount the collections system to the robot once it is built.

Media Team:

Recently this week, the Media Team got in contact with the Duluth East team in terms of BlueDevil Press. Already writing articles for the newspaper and blog, the Media Team has had their hands full with all of the writing. This Saturday was team picture day, and the Media Team has been sifting through the photos to post to the team’s Shutterfly page; expect pictures soon!

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